Processing Central Utility Building (PCUB)


Customer: Turner Construction
Duration: 18 Months

SMART Electrical Solutions

The goal of this project was to construct from the ground up GLOBALFOUNDRIES Processing Central Utility Building (PCUB). The PCUB supports the Ultra Purification of process water in the fabrication of 5.1 cone wafers. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of the manufacturing process, continuity planning was a key objective for this project. Martin Electric was responsible for providing redundant power and a reliable sequence of failsafe controls to keep the facility operational during power interruptions or loss.

Services Provided:

Temp power, power & distribution, redundant and emergency power, lighting & devicing, fire alarm, security lightning protection & grounding, continuity planning, mechanical support

On a mission to energize the PCUB building, Martin Electric analyzed the most efficient cable route, in addition to calculating resistance levels and voltage drop to ensure successful distribution of quality and consistent power. Utilizing a bearing system and cable tray rollers, Martin Electric was able to make a 200-yard exterior main feeder installation through a maze of processing pipes, supports racks, other live feeds and above an active construction site, 40ft in the air from the MCUP and ESB to the PCUB. This allowed for the distribution of 480-volt and 208-volt power throughout the building from the central 13.8 kv main power source for both normal and critical power. As part of our quality control and assurance program, Martin Electric tested the durability of the switchgear where several malfunctions/fails were found, requiring the replacement of a significant amount of distribution breakers.

In order to create a redundant circuit for the customers processing center, Martin Electric provided control sequences to all of the pumps and motors. To test the sequencing, Martin Electric simulated certain fails to ensure that if one PLC (programmable logic controls) fails, the other has the ability to pick up the control.

Martin Electric was also tasked with providing proper illumination necessary for the intended purpose of the space to include lighting controls in addition to creating a lightning protection system which tied in the lightning rods on the roof of the building down to the grounding grid.

As part of the Continuity Planning, Martin Electric was responsible for calculating the seismic support required for the transformers, cable trays, and pipe racks in the event of significant vibrations such as an earthquake.

With a tight timeline for completion, BIM coordination and scheduling meetings were key to working in collaboration to meet our milestone goals. With a peak manpower of 61 electricians, Martin Electric was able to bring the PCUB facility out of the ground and online in 18 months.

Upon completion of the base build project, Martin Electric transitioned into the processing fit out, working with OVIVO, USA in the completion of the Ultra Purification Water System within the PCUB and Fab.