About Us

Experience & Expertise

Martin Electric is a full service, WBE certified electrical contracting company founded in 1939. For over 75 years, Martin Electric has built a strong reputation for providing superior quality and customer service to its trade partners throughout New York. Today, Martin Electric is one of the leading electrical contractors specializing in the commercial, industrial, medical, and institutional sectors. We believe our success stems from our mission-motivated, team-oriented approach to project deliveries.

Based upon our outstanding safety record and strong financial position, we are the most dependable electrical contractor in the area. Our experience modification rate (EMR) is a .73 which is well below the industry average. We are capable of bonding a total work program in excess of $30 million and have avoided litigation on all sides through team driven construction.


At Martin Electric, we are on a mission to make a positive difference in the places where we work, with the people who entrust us and to the communities we service which is accomplished by our core competencies of safety, quality, collaboration, and innovation.


We have created a culture where safety is engrained in our every step. Martin team members share in a common commitment to protect the people they work with and the places they work on. Our goal is to stop accidents before they happen, which we achieve through enhanced safety awareness and holding EVERYONE accountable for safety!


For over 75 years, Martin Electric has been providing superior workmanship to its customers; garnering long-standing customer accounts. Our goal is to continue that legacy of being the most reliable contractor by providing the most qualified electricians equipped with best-in-class material, tools, and equipment to get the job done right the first time.


Martin Electric is on a mission to harness the knowledge from our rich history with the innovation of the next generation, where advancements in technology and construction delivery methods are accelerating the construction process.


Martin Electric is committed to a team-oriented approach to project deliveries because we not only believe but have realized the benefits of working in concert with all project participants, including suppliers, other sub contractors, customers, occupants, and end users. From design to occupancy, all project stakeholders must work in collaboration with each other to meet the project goal and achieve success. At Martin Electric, it is our mission to garner the trust and respect of everyone on the project team to ensure coordination and collaboration, which is accomplished by working with transparency and integrity throughout the lifecycle of the project.