Martin Electric is committed to a team-oriented approach to project deliveries because we not only believe but have realized the benefits to working in concert with all project participants from project conception to commissioning and occupancy. At Martin Electric, we are dedicated to project engagement from start to finish. We lend our 78 years of industry experience and knowledge to our valued clients to assist with all project development steps to include:

Project Coordination

Upon understanding the project purpose and clients vision, we will engage our network of qualified engineers, architects, trade partners, and suppliers to develop a comprehensive project design, budget, and schedule.

BIM Services

Developing a conflict free BIM model is only the starting point of our coordinated facbrication workflow process, but also the basis for all installation. Review and study of the model, in conjunction with understanding lead times and pre- fabrication opportunities, allows for the establishment of a workflow strategy in concert with other trades. Martin Electric believes that the model, and breaking down the fabrication into logical parts, is a great foundation to develop a schedule program. Implenting BIM services into a project creates significant value to the project in reducing waste, as it in essence builds the project first in a virtual world where adjustments can be made prior to allocating "non refundable" resources in the field.


In an effort to provide our clients with a more competative budget while not minimizing integrity and quality of the product, Martin Electric has made the commitment to maximizing our ability to pre-fabricate as many aspects of a job as possible creating significant value to the overall project such as:

    • Reducing hazardous job site situations including being around dangerous operating equipment, the prolonged use of ladders and scaffolding, and reduces tripping hazards
    • Accelerating project schedule with "just-in-time" installations and reduction and/ or elimination of time spent searching for material and tools
    • Improving quality due to an additional layer of quality control in an improved environment where our team has time and additional resources to thourougly inspect product and workmanship

Martin Electric has extensive experience in the prefabrication of light assemblies, support systems, pipe work, devices, wire pulls, racking and many other areas of installation.

Risk Management

"A firms ability to weather storms depends on how seriously executives take risk management when the sun is shining and no clouds are on the horizon."

When unexpected events occur that we are not prepared for, human nature tends to escalate commitment, irrationally allocating more resources than required to a failed course of action - throwing good money after bad. Before it's too late, make the upfront investment to identify, assess, and mitigate risks unique to your business and assemble a risk review board that's comprised of both internal and external professionals varying in expertise. As industry experts in power and electrical infrastructure, allow Martin Electric to be a part of your risk management team.

Contingency Planning

A contingency plan is a plan for the unlikely and unexpected yet can be the umbrella insurance that helps your orangization weather the storm. Any organization could be impacted by an unplanned catastrophe whether it is man-made or a natural disaster. Without a contingency plan in place, an organization is at significant risk when faced with a catastrophic event that could have damaging impacts on the companys financial health, repuration, integrity of assets, and welfare of it's employees. By analyzing the risks, we help our clients put a plan in place that will protect their assets and minimize business distruptions based on our experience in expertise.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, Martin Electric has the resources to help you recover minimizing exposure, harm, and disruption to your operation. We have the equipment on-hand to bring your facility back-on line for immediate relief and have the intellectual capital at the ready to advise and consult your organization on the best strategy for a full recovery. When dealing with a failure to your critical infrasture, there is no one more responsive or reliable than Martin Electric to get you back up and running.

Energy & Sustainability

As social responsibility becomes a pillar of organizations strategy and culture, Martin Electric is there to help companies maintain a balance between economic impact and the ecosystem. Having an understanding of how power is being utilized and wasted in a facility, is the first key step to implementing a sustainability program. Our sustainability team will help you navigate the energy audit process and from there, create a framework that reduces your utility costs while also reducing your carbon footprint - a win-win for everyone! Whether it's implementing  building intelligence systems to monitor energy consumption, upgrading your lighting system to improve energy efficiency, or implementing a renewable energy solution, Martin Electric can provide a full service package from consultation, installation, and monitoring.

Lighting Retrofits

When looking to update your office space - the usual first thought is paint and carpet. Yet there is no better improvement to make than a lighting retrofit which provides both tangible and intangible returns on the initial investment. A lighting retrofit is a simple way to make your building's lighting more energy efficient - reducing both operating costs and energy consumption - while also providing a better and more productive work environment to the facility's occupants. Unlike paint and carpet, a lighting retrofit can provide a payback in as little as 2.5 years.

Renewable Energy

Martin Electric provides commercial solar energy solutions that allow organizations to have the independency to generate and store their own energy from naturally replenished resources such as the sun, providng reduced and fixed utility costs while fulfilling their commitment to social responsibility. Martin Electric offers a turn key solution to solar energy, managing the project from conception and design, installation, and monitoring.