Our Team

Executive Leadership Team

Brian Hart


With a career spanning over 40 years at Martin Electric, Brian's relationships are rooted deep not only in the industry but in the community. Brian is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction amongst existing customers while fostering new business opportunities through his connected network of business leaders. Since 2010, Brian has served as the Chapter President of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) while also serving on the board of the Journeymen Apprentice Training Committee (JATC) and National Union Bank of Kinderhook.

Project Management Team

Our Field Electricians

Martin Electric is a member of the local 236 Electrical Union which provides a talented pool of trained and professional electricians at the ready. Martin Electric's goal is to staff all jobs with Electricians that have been employed with the company consistently for multiple years and have undergone our companies internal training program to ensure our standards of quality are met on all job sites. Martin Electric currently employs over 40+ Electricians who have been with the company for over three years. Should Martin Electric require additional manpower from the Union Hall, all candidates will go through a prescreening process to ensure the skill set and experience criteria is appropriate for the job at hand. All new employees are paired with a Martin Electric "veteran" to serve as a mentor and resource to ensure success.