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3/9/2020  by: Kendra Hart

Inaugural Foreman Development Series!

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we kicked off our inaugural Foreman Development series.  The series are structured over six sessions covering 13 modules with topics related to our industry (safety, quality, documentation, [...]

Community Involvement

Howard L. Goff Middle School Career Day!

It seems that no matter where you are in the world and no matter the industry – every business is facing their own unique workforce challenges. While demand continues to grow for craft workers – like electricians – the supply continues to be [...]

Community Involvement
2/28/2020  by: Kendra Hart

Project: Cameron's Story Bookraiser!

312 books donated in support of Project: Cameron's Story 11th annual Bookraiser event!

Industry News
2/26/2020  by: Kendra Hart

Target Distribution Center - Infrastructure Upgrade

With the continuing increase in e-commerce demand, 24/7 operation of retail distribution centers are non-negotiable.  24/7 operation is a mainstay of our corporate structure so when we were tasked with upgrading Target’s, 1.5M square foot [...]