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Martin Electric Acquires Control Network Communications

Exciting news! Martin Electric has acquired Control Network Communications (CNC), Our long-time collaborator renowned for its excellence in IT infrastructure, design, and deployment throughout the Capital Region and beyond.

Since 1981, Control Network Communications has offered a one-stop-shop for all IT communication and data needs, ensuring security, efficiency, and reliability, which has cemented their position as leaders and trusted partners in the Capital Region and beyond. As a subsidiary of Martin Electric, CNC is building a future where their combined strengths and shared values will grow their already established dedication to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. For years, CNC has established itself as a leader in fiber optic cable, wireless and data networks, network security, IP telephony, security surveillance, access control, and asset recovery. This acquisition is a great opportunity for us to enhance our service offerings and deepen our commitment to providing comprehensive electrical solutions in the Capital Region.

“Beyond the strong portfolio and impressive client service that CNC brings to the table, we find ourselves most excited about the real heart and soul of what makes CNC exceptional - their people. It is the skillful craftsmen, the unwavering dedication to quality workmanship, the passion for innovation, and the pursuit of perfection that truly represent the most valuable assets joining our team. Many CNC team members have been with the company since its inception, embodying a sense of loyalty and a commitment to excellence that resonates profoundly with our own values at Martin Electric.” (Kendra Hart, President)

Stefan Strait and Steve Rinkewich have been long time collaborators with Kendra Hart and Martin Electric. The relationship that the three of them have built created an inevitable connection in the workspace fostering many successful collaborative projects such as Plug Power and Rensselaer County Buildings. Their knowledge and expertise of the low voltage space has already brought such insight to the Martin Electric crew. Beyond that, they are a perfect fit into the culture that is Martin Electric.

As natural as it could have been, Martin Electric and CNC decided after working together for 30 years that the two companies with the same core values should continue their growth together. In integrating CNC into the Martin Electric family, we are not just expanding our capabilities or extending our market presence; we are cultivating an environment for professional growth, collaborative success, and technological advancement. Together, we are better positioned than ever to serve our community, meeting today’s needs while steering towards a bright and electrifying future.

We are confident that this transition will be seamless for our clients, as we continue to focus on delivering superior service without interruption. Your ongoing projects are in steady hands, empowered by the combined strengths of Martin Electric and Control Network Communications.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to every team member, client, and partner who has been part of our respective journeys so far. Without your support, trust, and hard work, this momentous occasion would not be possible.

More to come as we welcome Stefan Strait, Steve Rinkewich, and the entire CNC team to our family!