125kW Rooftop Solar System


Customer: Confidential
End-User: Confidential
Duration: <1 month

SMART Electrical Solutions

Understanding our clients’ needs and values allows us to provide true turnkey solutions. With a strong commitment to social responsibility, paired with a high demand for localized power, implementing a solar solution to achieve a net zero energy footprint for a client’s new parking garage, which Martin Electric was contracted to design-build the electrical systems for, is an example of how we take the time and dedicate the resources to develop solutions that fit all of our customer’s needs.

Services Provided:

Energy audit; system design; ROI analysis; NYSERDA incentive; project scheduling; permitting; utility interconnection; installation; commissioning & testing; monitoring & testing

In a collaborative effort, Martin Electric lead the design and installation of a 125kw rooftop solar system. The system is expected to produce between 102-109,000 kwH per year exceeding the power demand on the parking garage and creating a net zero energy facility. Martin Electric thrives on solutions where the client and environment win!