Customer: LeChase Construction
End-User: BelGioioso
Duration: 10 months

SMART Electrical Solutions

In partnership with LeChase Construction, our team successfully completed a design-build project for a new 96,000 square foot greenfield manufacturing facility for BelGioioso Cheese that would serve to produce mozzarella and other world-renowned cheese products. BelGioioso Cheese, a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company owns and operates nine manufacturing plants between Wisconsin and New York and distributes their products internationally.

Services Provided:

• 2500KVA 13.2KV – 480/277 pad mounted transformer • 3000 Amp 480/277 3-Phase 4-Wire Switchboard • 1600 Amp 480/277 3-Phase 4-Wire Switchboard • 12-Distribution panelboards • 6-Stepdown

In an effort to better understand the project vision and objective, Martin’s team members, Pat Galgay and Tony VanSchaack, flew out to Wisconsin to meet with the owners and department heads to better understand their process and tour their facility.

“This proved to be an invaluable experience as the visit allowed us to understand just how dedicated they are to their product and the high level of quality they expect” says Pat.

Other key take-a-ways from the site visit that we incorporated into our design and built around included:

1.  Installation procedures for ease of cleaning to meet FDA requirements

2.  Installation procedures for future expansion and flexibility

3. Installation for maintenance and replacement

Due to their unique and specific operational needs, we determined this was likely to be an agile construction delivery which guided us in resourcing the job appropriately. It was imperative that we selected a strong foreman who could effectively manage change and work collaboratively with all project participates and Geoff VanSchaack did just that.

In 10 months, the team delivered the infrastructure and utilities that would allow for uninterrupted operation with zero recordable safety incidents.