Building 12 PA-7


Customer: BBL Construction
End-User: Regeneron

SMART Electrical Solutions

As Regeneron continues to expand their manufacturing capacity and footprint in upstate New York, it's no question they turn to Martin Electric to participate on the project team in the construction of a new 155,000 square foot pharmaceutical process area which includes 40,000 square foot of clean room space.

Services Provided:

Power & distribution, emergency back-up, lighting, building automation system, fire alarm, card access & security, tel/data, heat trace, lightning protection, refrigerant detection

This project, in partnership with BBL Construction, was a complete design-build project for a new 155,000 square foot building on the Regeneron campus that would serve as one of their process centers in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company which discovers, develops, and commercializes new immune-oncology drugs.

The primary goal of this project was to provide a state of the art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility with the infrastructure and utilities that would allow for uninterrupted operation. The secondary goal which Martin Electric played a critical role in the design was how all of the building systems would operate in unison utilizing the Building Management System as a way for Regeneron to monitor, analyze, and react to any changes of performance which enhances the reliability of their overall business operation. Reliability of the functionality of the building systems is imperative for our customer as failures can impact quality and production pace ultimately leading to negative impact on earnings.

In order to achieve the primary objective, Martin Electric participated in the construction of a new substation with redundant sources as well as generator capacity to match the backup power demands of the facility. Additionally, Martin Electric was tasked with the base build project including providing: grounding; interior and exterior lighting; lighting controls; power and distribution (transformers, switchgear, ATS, panelboards, controls); emergency power (generator, UPS); lightning protection; and fire alarm.

After considering an initial design to run our feeders underground from the high yard to this facility, Martin Electric value engineered a pathway redesign to bring the conduit from the transformer up the side of the exterior of the building and cored into the building form one location. This redesign resulted in dollars saved, increase in availability of square footage, as well as significantly less risk to the process area where the pipe would have run through.

While Regeneron only required 80% of the available power at the high yard, Martin Electric hedged on the likeliness of Regeneron needing the remaining 20% of available power at the yard for future growth and decided to install the infrastructure needed to capture 100% of the available power. Without having an understanding of the client and stepping back to look at the big picture, Regeneron would have spent significant amount of money in tearing up the ground to install additional conduit runs when they reached their 80% maximum capacity.

In order to tie in all the operational systems (fire/life safety, occupancy snesors, HVAC, lighting) into Regeneron's BMS, Martin Electric had to map out pathways to tie in sensors to the control panel or EPO panel which from there is tied into the BMS.

For over 30 years, Martin Electric has been providing quality workmanship to Regeneron in support of their exceptional growth requirements.